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All OFW must be familiar I presumed with this RED RIBBON AUTHENTICATION thing. Based from my experience, I needed it because my employer demands me to sumbit my red ribbon authenticated by DFA Manila, Malacañang, Phil Embassy and lastly by UAE embassy, or where you happen to be.

The process is long so it's best if you already have it authenticated before you leave Philippines. It will take minimum of a month, depending on how many are processing at the time of your application.

So here's the steps on how to get your Red Ribbon Authenticated:

  •  If you're processing your TOR (transcript of Records), go to your school and fill up your school forms indicating for Red Ribbon.
  • Your school will then process it directly to CHED, but they will give you a receipt or paper and advised you to pay or coordinated to DHL. You have to pay the processing fee to DHL, about Php 2000. So DHL will process it for you, instead of going to Manila.
  • DHL will give you claim stab, and just inquire DHL if your doc is ready to claim. It will take 3 weeks or more.
This steps were based on my personal experience 2 years ago :-)

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